長崎剛志(庭園美術家)N-tree代表、1970年 奈良県生まれ。東京芸術大学卒業後独学で作庭を学び、1997年 N-tree (庭ノ心 ながさ木)を設立。2008年〜10年 イギリス ロンドンで活動後、現在東京を拠点にアメリカの個人邸宅、イギリスの集合住宅、長崎県の神社、千葉県の住宅&ギャラリーなど国内外のプロジェクト進行中。

Takeshi Nagasaki (born 1970, Nara, Japan), the founder of N-tree, calls himself an ‘art gardener’. Having studied at Tokyo University of the Arts he spent two years in Spain to study painting and returned to Japan to work with woodcuts and sculpture, while at the same time embarking on a degree in landscape studies. In 2008, relocated to London, moving back to Japan in 2010. Nagasaki created many Asian minimalist landscaping design in various environments, whether its large or small. The theme of his art garden is a Think Roots.”Niwa” means garden in english.

作品集  Portfolio (pdf)