Tricolour Garden


三業の石据 2017年 9月


This is a stone garden surrounding the worship hall of Jiho-in located in Angyo, Kawaguchi-city in Saitama prefecture. We worked to create a garden for a 400-year-old temple which will be inherited for a long time in the future. The composition with a total of 46 tons of natural stones, consisting of 33.3 tons of nine colorful megaliths and 12.7 tons of small stones, was intentionally metaphorizing the Buddhist “sango” (three karma of body, speech, and mind.)
We allowed ourselves to choose young saplings presuming that they would grow and form a garden little by little. We are giving more than a passing thought to the appearance of the trees and the scenery of the garden 600 years later.

Photographed in 2017