Decked in Green

A secluded residential area at the north of the Regent’s Park, a client as a family from Jordan runs an interior design shop.

Since most parts of this garden are shadowed by the surrounding buildings, it is composed of a stage elevated above the level of the wooden deck. The environment is never good enough, but the existing plants were transplanted and more lights were accommodated by raising the soil level. With the client’s desire to get decked this stage in the whole green, various kinds of plants are balanced and arranged in proper places beyond the tone of colors, shapes, amounts, and nationality. While going to gardening shop and planting every season, as homage to this garden, a leaf of a palm tree was sealed in glass considering making the green heart be an object. An object against his own garden is incompleteness. Bringing completeness by aesthetic appreciation of incompleteness is considered to be essential in creating his own garden. By putting this object “Palm Direction” nearby a palm tree as well, it could be relatively meaningful and the back side of the leaf will be completed by the light leaking out of this object.

In the country of Jordan that is serious in desertification, the green in the design of a national flag is one of a hope and this project had a memorable thing that a client told me about the happiness living with plants in U.K. where is rich in water.

Photographed in 2012
2 years and half month after the completion